Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up - Because I Said So! Contests Closing 1/31 to 2/5

(I'm halfway finished with this post when I realized that maybe the blog requirement in the extra entries would need to be individual posts for each contest. If that's the case, and this doesn't count, please let me know and I'll post each individually.)

Weekly Rap-Up? Yeah!

Oh wait. That's Weekly Wrap Up! Oh yeah.
Today I'm working on entering contests at my new favorite site called "Because I Said So! Mom Knows Best!" The blog author is named Michelle and she's a rock star! There's lots going on over there so just jump on in.

There are several ways to find Because I Said So! Mom Knows Best!
1. Click on the button on my sidebar (alphabetical order.)
2. Click on the link in my blogroll.
3. Click on the button at the top of my sidebar. Reserved for my "Cool Beans" Top Of The Pops.
4. Follow this link:

So we're all on the same page, right? Right. Here's the low down on the hoe down. Read my description of the contest, click on the link to shoot you thru cyberspace to the contest. To gain extra entries you'll need to add her button to your sidebar and follow her blog thru google friends. Cool? Here we go.

Exp 1/31 - No Throw Strap (2 winners!): The No Throw Strap is a great invention that straps around the item you want to connect (glue) to your child. If the item is dropped (and it will!) it is easily retrieved by the thrower. Is that a word? It is now. The No Throw Strap is available in 16 designs. You can check it out and enter to win at the following link:

Exp 2/1 - Snooze City Pillow Case Set: Snooze City has the most AWESOME pillow cases. My favorite is Sandy and Bastardilo. Hee hee. I'm so on this contest. And when my husband comes home, I'm so on that credit card. Enter here:

Exp 2/2 - Amon Maternity $50 Gift Certificate: They carry mainly support garments for pregnant women. Briefs, skivvies, bands. They also carry body shapers for post-partum wear. Thier prices are reasonable, so the $50 GC should get you two body shapers. Enter Here:

Exp 2/3 - Cover Your Hair Prize Pack: Cover Your Hair carries everything from hairclips to hats. The prize pack will come packed with goodies. I love a surprise! Like surprises? Enter here:

Exp 2/3 - Set of Bummas Cloths: Bummas cloths are super soft and super absorbent. According to Michelle at Because I Said So! it could even take on a spilled cup of coffee! Sham-What? The winner of this contest will win four (4!) of these cloths. Scoot your desk chair over to Because I Said So! and enter to win:

Exp 2/4 - Orglamix 3 pc. eyeshadow set: Orglamix eye shadows are mineral make-up and come in (ahh.. I'm getting a neck massage from my beloved daughter. BRB) 83 shades. Awesome. They also offer "starter kits" with foundation, shadow, blush and glow. Check it out:

Exp 2/5 - Book: "The Busy Couple's Guide To Sharing The Work & The Joy" by Kathy Peel: Sounds like just the ticket for this house. This book has lots of hints and tips for working together as a family.

Well, that's the week. Good Luck To All. Heather

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