Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up - Because I Said So! - Contests Closing 2/7 - 2/13

There's a lot going on over at Because I Said So! Mom Knows Best! A contest or two per day, nearly every single day. She's one busy bee.
Today I'm feeling like a lucky star. Hopefully I will be one.

There are several ways to find Because I Said So!
1. Click on the button on my sidebar (alphabetical order.)
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Let's jump right in:
2/9 - Corner Stork Blanket Set: The Corner Stork has so many precious items perfect for baby showers or that little special one in your life. Because I Said So! is offering a chance to win a beautiful blanket set. If you'd like to throw your hat in the ring, jsut follow this link:
2/9 - Mixed Case of Funky Monkey Snacks: Because I Said So! is offering a chance to win a CASE of Funky Monkey snacks. There are four flavors and each serving has THREE servings of the daily recommended intake of fruit. If you have kids who won't eat their fruit, this could be the ticket!
2/10 - Slider Maker by Nostalgia Electrics: Nostalgia Electrics has lots of products that make food and snacks the way we remember. Cotton Candy, Kettle Popped Corn and.... Sliders! Remember White Castle sliders? I do. I worked at a White Castle in St. Charles, MO when I was in high school. I came home smelling like onions, but I never got sick of those sliders. I'll definitely be entering for this baby.
Exp 2/11 - CirKis Board Game from Winning Moves Games: CirKis is a "game of circles and stars" My family loves games and what I really like about this game is that play can be adjusted for age or ability so everybody has a challenging and good time. This would be a great addition to Family Game Night:
Exp 2/12 - Tie Buddies: Why didn't they have these when I was teaching my daughter to tie her shoes? Well, my sister will certainly experience an easier go with the Tie Buddies. She has twins to teach, so I'm sure this will help her maintain her sanity. Whatever sanity she has left. The tie buddies hold the laces while you're little one learns the ropes. hee hee. laces, ropes, ba-dum-dum. Enter here to win a pair for yourself:
Exp 2/13 - Pureology Super Smooth hair products (arv $60): You can win a 4 pc full sized set of Pureology Super Smooth hair products. My hair gets a little crazy in this weather, so this would be just the thing. The set comes with shampoo, conditioner, hair "mask" (deep conditioner) and a fortifying elixer. I'm going for it. You?
Alrighty ladies. Thanks to Because I Said So for all the great contests and GLTA!

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