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Weekly Wrap-up - Because I Said So! Giveaways for January 24th - 30th

(Note to Because I Said So!: If this multi-contest post for the extra blogging entries in the contests doesn't count and you'd rather have individual posts, please let me know.)

Michelle at Because I Said So! is a very busy lady! She is hosting twelve (12!) giveaways this week. I've never met the lady, but I love her. She must be Wonder Woman because there is a giveaway, or two, everyday. Uber organized, Michelle! Just take a look at this list and you'll be impressed, too!

You can go to each contest page by clicking on the individual links. If you'd like to go directly to her home page you can click the button on my right sidebar (it's in alphabetical order), choose her link in my blog roll, or just go here: Because I Said So! is also my "Cool Beans Site of the Month" which is located near the top of my right sidebar.

BTW: This is how giveaways make me feel.

Alright everybody! Hold on! Here we go!

Closing 1/24 - SimpleHuman Sensor Soap Pump:
Here's to "stainless steel dreams" This soap pump is black with steel trim and contains an sensor (hence the name) which dispenses the soap. Just like you're in a restroom, but without all the germs and people. Another cool thing is that it doesn't have a pump on top that gets gummy and sticky. Cool thing #2: You're kids can't "go to town" squirting out a gallon of soap. Cool thing #3: It looks so high-tech. Which way to my rocket ship? hee hee. You must check this out and enter to win! Use this link:

Closing 1/25 - Rasco Dog Ready Leash (4 winners): The Rasco Dog Ready Leash is a handy leash. It has a comfortable handle and a long enough leash that you don't get your arm yanked out of socket when doggie-doggie swings from one side to another. The leash looks very durable and strong. Don't you just hate it when you spend money on a leash, only to have it snap? But hold on to your seats. This leash even has a bag dispenser on the handle! How cool is that? Forget the doggie-do bags at home? Not a problem! Just pull and go. *groan* Yeah, that was bad. There will be four winners for this contest, so you have a great chance at scoring one for yourself. Use this link:

Closing 1/26 - $20 GC to Reading Glasses Shopper These aren't your granny's reading glasses. These have style. If you've ever looked for affordable reading glasses, you know what I'm talking about. Seriously, do reading glasses have to be so ugly? Is it a law? Well, if it is a law, Reading Glasses Shopper just broke it! They have attractive glasses at attractive prices. They even have free shipping if you spend $30+. What's better than that? Getting a GC! Bo-yah! Because I Said So has a $20 GC up for grabs. You can enter at this link:

Closing 1/26 - Travel Themed Nomad Adventure Journal: Paper! I love journals. I love notebooks. I love binders. I love pancakes. Oh, wait. Where was I? Oh! I was entering to win a really cool journal that comes in a handy zippered case. You can enter to win one, too. Just click here:

Closing 1/27 - Snorg Tees: You can win a t-shirt of your choice from Snorg Tees! If you love tees, like I do, you'll love Snorg Tees. They have something for everybody. My personal fave is the "Get Real. Be Rational" t-shirt with the pi symbol and the square root of a negative one! It's hysterical! Or is that just me. No! Somebody else thought it was funny or they wouldn't have made the t-shirt. Yeah! What's even better than a clever t-shirt? Winning a clever t-shirt! It could happen. You can enter for one at Because I Said So! by following this link:

Closing 1/28 - Save Your World 3 Lip Balms Do good for yourself and the Earth! Win a 3 lip balms from Save Your World at Because I Said So!

Closing 1/28 - Beer Pager: I must admit, the name caught my eye. The beer pager. What is the beer pager, you ask? It's a beer holder that will sound an alert when you push a button. No more lost beer! There are different sounds available, too. You must read the review at Because I Said So! Her 1/10 of 10 glasses line is hysterical. That's why she's Top of the Pops in my Cool Beans list. Read the review and enter to win at this link:

Closing 1/29 - Yes! To Cookies Gift Pack: Why, yes! I'd love to say Yes! to Cookies! And there's no reason to say "NO!" to cookies when they have Zero Gluten, Zero Sugar, and Zero Starch! They even have fiber! But, do they have taste? According to Michelle at Because I Said So! they do! And guess what they have now? Zero Cost! If you win them! I'm giving it a shot, you too?

Closing 1/29 - Sassy Baby Toys Fill and Spill Barrell: When girly-girl was little everything was fill and spill! But this one here is a real toy called Fill and Spill! It's a clear plastic barrel shaped container filled with little toys your child can fill up and spill out! Simple concept, big fun. It got Rowan's seal of approval. Check it out and enter to win at:

Closing 1/30 - Baby Dipper Bowl and Spoon Set: Designed by a mom of twins (2 sets!) the Baby Dipper Bowl and Spoon set is made so you can feed a child with one hand. The bowl has a non-slip bottom and a triangle shaped bowl so you can scoop up baby food with one hand. The sides are designed so you can easily scrape the excess on the edge of the bowl without it dripping down the sides. The bowl in even microwaveable! You can read all about it and enter to win at the following link:

Closing 1/30 - 2 Packs of Chuck the Yuck Bags: These bags make Hefty look Wimpy! Chuck the Yuck bags are water-tight and smell-resistant. They great for motion sickness, "oopsied" underwear, diapers, just about everything. One problem with regular bags is that they drip and stink. There's nothing worse than bagging a wet cloth diaper only to find the bag leaked into the diaper bag. Yuck!!!! I certainly want to give these bags a try. I'm entering to win and you can, too! Michelle at Because I Said So! is offering a giveaway of 2 (Two!) bags of Chuck the Yuck bags. You can enter here:

Closing 1/30 - Banana Grams Game (2 winners): My family is big into Game Night and really we're up to a game anytime. The Banana Gram game looks like a lot of fun. It sorta looks like a scrabble game, which is one of our family faves. The difference is that, rather than using a board and competing against each other, each person spells their words in front of them. This way, you can adjust the difficulty level so everyone can play. Smaller children can spell smaller words while older players can work on larger words. This game is available in stores and two people have a chance to win from Because I Said So! Enter at this link:

Good Luck To All and a big thanks to Because I Said So!


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