Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exp 1/23 - Because I Said So! - Wonderful Pistachios

It just keeps getting better at Because I Said So! What's up for grabs this time? A case (CASE!) of pistachios from Wonderful Pistachios (value about $150!) My family goes nuts for pistachios. Ba-dum-dum. Yeah, I'm goofy. But seriously, they really do like them. So when I saw that Because I Said So is hosting a giveaway for a case (did you catch that.... CASE!) of pistachios, I freaked. I've recovered now. Still a little shakey, but I'm alright. If this sounds like a great thing for you, better hurry and enter soon. This contest closes on the 23rd, so hurry hurry!
To enter follow this link: Or you can always click on the Because I Said So! button on my sidebar.
GLTA! Heather

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