Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exp 1/18 - Because I Said So! - Right On The Walls

You have a chance to win a $40 gift code for Right On The Walls at Because I Said So! This is not just your ordinary vinyl quote and decor company, oh no. This is decor on steroids! You can choose personality color association, catagories, and... full-sized "photo" decor! That's right. You can get a picture of your kid, your dog, whatever. Personally, I'd like to have a photo decal of my daughter cleaning her room. That way I can slap that baby (the photo, not the kid) on the wall and fool myself into thinking she's actually cleaning her room. Reality would set in eventually I'm sure, but I can dream if only for a little while.
You must check out this stuff! So scoot your deskchair over to Because I Said So and enter NOW!
To enter just go to:
You can go directly to the homepage by clicking on their button on my right sidebar.
Good Luck to All, Heather

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