Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exp 1/16 - Because I Said So! - The Adult Toy Shoppe

You have a chance to win a Kama Sutra massage oil set from The Adult Toy Shoppe at Because I Said So! There are few things in life I enjoy more that good massage. It's good for the body and the soul. I get so much tension built up throughout the day that by time for bed my back muscles feel like steel cords. My husband does rub my back, but he gets bored with it before I feel better. With a name like Kama Sutra, he might be a little more interested. Even if I don't win this, I'll certainly be checking out The Adult Toy Shoppe's line of massage oils.
To enter just go to:
You can go directly to the homepage by clicking on their button on my right sidebar.
Good Luck to All, Heather

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