Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Exp 9/3 - My Red Apron - Pepsi Natural

Hey hay hay hay! My buddy Heather at My Red Apron is hosting a uber cool giveaway of a Pepsi Natural gift pack.

This baby is loaded with useful stuff.
  • A reusable canvas tote bag
  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga Mat bag
  • Canvas hat
  • 4-pack of Pepsi Natural

So scoot that computer chair over to My Red Apron and enter to win:
Did you enter? Are you still here? I have that creepy "Somebody's watching me." feeling. Come here. Closer... closer... a little closer... you are still here! *forehead flick* Get your butt over to My Red Apron. You can also get there by clicking the My Red Apron button on the sidebar over there, or via the blogroll. Better hurry, this contest ends tomorrow. So, follow me, I'll lead the way! I'll give you the link one more time: My Red Apron's Pepsi Giveaway

Get outta here!
Oh, and good luck.

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