Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm a winner! The Neat Things In Life - Crayola Creativity Pack

I'd like to thank Jammie at The Neat Things In Life for a totally awesome win. I was randomly selected to win the Crayola Creativity Pack giveaway on her blog. The pack is full of Crayola-y goodness. It comes complete with eight (8!) Crayola products ranging from crayons to Color Switchers. Sounds cool? Wish you were me? Well, you don't have to be me to experience the awesomeness. The Neat Things In Life is hosting three (3!) more weekly contests for the Crayola Creativity Prize Pack. You can increase your chances to win by participating in the "Extra Entries." So scoot that computer chair over to The Neat Things In Life and enter for your chance to win. To go to the homepage you can use this link ( or simply click on The Neat Things In Life button on my sidebar.
Thanks again, Jammie

1 comment:

Jammie said...

Your post made me smile thanks :)loved the "so scoot your chair on over" lol