Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Exp 7/29 - Pink Lemonade of Life - "I Used To Know That"

Yeah, Pink Ladies! Our friends at Pink Lemonade of Life (see widget on sidebar) are offering up an opportunity to win a too cool book. Titled "I Used To Know That: Stuff You Forgot From School," author Caroline Taggart covers a wide range of topics that you might have, well, forgotten. (hence the name, I assume.) You can purchase the book on Amazon by clicking on the pic on the contest page. Why not try your hand at winning a copy. Just follow this link to the contest page:

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Pink Lemonade Liz said...

Hi Heather,

Thanks so much for posting about our giveaways - I always enjoy reading your giveaway posts, they're very entertaining! Good Luck with your entry.