Sunday, July 19, 2009

Exp 7/20 - Crazy Adventures In Parenting - Poken Zoo

Coolest. Thing. Ever!!! Crazy Adventures In Parenting is offering a fabulous giveaway for a Poken from Poken Zoo. These items are super cool and I want one bad. Here's a portion of the description given:
"It works like an electronic business card, storing all of my important information on it. It took no time to set up, at all. You manage to put all of your information on it by plugging in the Poken into a USB port." You can then trade info with other Poken holders by giving a "High Four." You know the exchange has completed when you get a green light. Plug your poken into your USB port and the information is transfered.
No more digging through your bag for something to write on or fumbling with a pen while you try to take notes without benefit of a flat surface.
Enter to win a Poken at
Good luck to all, Heather

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